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Unlocking access to green finance for farmers in Africa.

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The Agrify Mission

We're dedicated to reshaping the agricultural industry in Africa through sustainable farming and carbon offsetting. We are uniquely positioned to help Africa overcome the challenges it faces in its agricultural sector by leveraging blockchain technology to incentivize eco-friendly farming practices, promote international trade of organic produce, and aid global corporations in achieving their sustainability targets.

In doing so, we contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reducing poverty, and ensuring a greener future.

Agroforestry Project Marketplace

Offset carbon emissions by funding regenerative agric projects in Africa & receive an on chain certificate

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Impact MRV Tool

Leading technology for carbon project generation. Trustworthy measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of agriculture-based offset

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Join Our Farmer Network

Are you a farmer interested in learning more about regenerative agriculture and how carbon credit offsets from global businesses can fund your transition to more organic produce for exports?

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Join Our Fundraise

We are raising funds to carry out multi state pilot projects, and generate carbon credits which will be sold on our platform. Proving that agroforestry can not just impact the planet, but also community farmers as well. Join our mission to unlock climate finance for African farming communities!